63 Washington - Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition's Residence for Women



63 Washington has been a safe place for women to live and grow for well over a century. Midcoast Recovery Coalition is honored to continue that legacy, and now runs 63 Washington as a recovery house for women.

Staffed by loving house managers who understand what recovery is, 63 Washington provides a place for women to get back on their feet and offers tools to help them move forward in healthy ways.

Mothers are welcome, and 63 Washington is excited to be a home for children under 12 years old.

63 Washington is located a five minute walk from downtown Camden, offering many opportunities for community engagement and employment. It also hosts a community garden, where neighbors and residents grow food and community side by side.

For questions, please call Ira Mandel at 207-701-1182 or send an email to ira@midcoastrecovery.org.