Established in March 2018, The “Friends House” is a recovery residence for men who are highly motivated to make progress in their recovery.  Each resident comes from different settings including directly from the community, from the hospital, detox facilities, rehab or corrections settings such as Maine State Prison or the Knox County Jail.  All complete a comprehensive application and undergoes a background check along with a thorough interview to assure they are a good candidate for The Friends House and will abide by the house rules.   The house rules stress mutual respect and support of other residents, developing a personalized recovery plan which would be monitored by the house manager and rules involving abstinence from drug or alcohol use as well as curfews.  Men are expected to stay at The Friends House for at least 2 months with a general goal of “graduation” after 6 months.  If men are making progress but would benefit from a longer stay at The Friends House, they may stay as long as 12 months.

As of November 18, 2018, renovations began on The Friends House to expand capacity from the four men maximum approved by the City of Rockland to 12 men once renovations are completed.

The Friends House, for Men in Recovery, Rockland Maine