Prisoner Behind Bar Recovery Maine

The Friend’s House: Starting over after fighting addiction behind bars

(Source: BDN) ROCKLAND, Maine — A week before Cedric Butler was due to be released from the Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren, he still didn’t know where he was going to go after he got out.

Butler was wrapping up a two-year prison sentence for drug trafficking, but he wasn’t leaving the corrections system as the same man who went in.

He was leaving the minimum security facility a sober man after battling with an addiction to heroin for about a decade. He was also leaving without any intention of returning to his former life of selling drugs, which led him to the predicament in which he found himself.

Without a stable place to go, he knew the strides he had made during his incarceration toward living a drug- and crime-free life might be in jeopardy…

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