Encouragement, Motivation, Insights

The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition (MCRC) trains “recovery coaches” to support people in recovery as well as their families and friends when needed.  Coaches undergo a formal 30-hour training following the Recovery Coach Academy program developed by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery and sign a contract requiring they perform at very high ethical standards.  Coaches provide encouragement, motivation, insights and access to resources to those in need.  MCRC coaches are all local volunteers other than several retained as recovery coaches by AmeriCorps and receive a small stipend and benefits though “Healthy Acadia” as the lead agency.  MCRC welcomes new candidates for recovery coaches for training (call MCRC at 207-701-1182 if interested in becoming a coach).

Coaches may be reached by calling MCRC at 207-701-1182.  Local addiction, behavioral health and medical practices may refer individuals to recovery coaches for ongoing support.  MCRC is exploring placement of recovery coaches in the Knox County Jail, Maine State Prison and the emergency department at Pen Bay Medical Center to help people in recovery with the supports they need to succeed in their lives.