Our Work

At Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition we are proud of the work we do:

  • Our recovery residences are certified through the Maine Association of Recovery Residences (MARR).
  • Certification through MARR sets high standards for ethics, safety and recovery program guidelines.
  • Our intention is to provide a peaceful place to live for all our residents as they rebuild their lives.
  • Our dedicated staff is always available for support, and an affordable monthly rent is discussed with residents prior to their moving in.

The Friends House


The Friends House, established in 2018, is located in Rockland, Maine, a coastal town in Mid-Coast Maine.  We provide a supportive and caring environment which allows residents the opportunity to work on their recovery free from substance use.

Residents enjoy a spacious home with ample living space and an outdoor area. There are eight bedrooms with two full bathrooms and a large kitchen area.  The first-floor common area provides the residents with the opportunity to interact with others as well as watch television.  There is a quiet space available to read, access a computer or for quiet reflection.  The basement includes a washer/dryer and space for residents to exercise and work out if so desired.

Alyssa's House


Alyssa’s House,  located in Camden, Maine a quaint town near Penobscot Bay, has been a safe place for women to live and grow for well over a century. Our organization is honored to continue the legacy.  In 2019, we opened the women’s recovery residence for women and their children. 

Our spacious home is located in a quiet neighborhood with ample living and outdoor space.  The first floor living space includes a large kitchen, living room, dining room, work out area and a quiet area for self-reflection.  There are six bedrooms on the second floor along with 2.5 bathrooms in the large home.  The basement includes a washer/dryer for resident’s use. The outdoor area includes a beautiful front porch along with a large yard and community garden.