Executive Director

I am honored that I am the organization’s first Executive Director.  Before moving to Maine, I spent 30 years as the Executive Director of a domestic violence organization in Rhode Island. I helped to create a vision for the organization while providing strategic leadership.  That experience prepared me to serve those in recovery.  I am fortunate to have joined a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to end this epidemic. We continue as a team to work to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure to ensure we are successful in our mission to support individuals recovering from addiction.


House Supervisor

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House Supervisor

Whatever breakdown led to my surrender in March 2017 was the greatest gift of my life. The moment I sought help with my addiction, listened to the people who had walked the recovery path before me, and began to uncover the ties that had bound me to addiction changed my life. Knowing that life can be anything I dream of, experiencing the joys of helping others find their recovery paths…. my life is sweeter than I ever could have imagined.


House Manager

My earliest memory is watching my grandfather leaving for AA meetings a few times a week. A hero of World War II, I always admired his courage and dedication. His courage shown in facing alcoholism and being sober for 30 years.  I have been in the Ministry for 26 years as an Anglican Priest and in every congregation I served I have been deeply involved with parishioners and their families on their Journey of Recovery. I have a passion for people on the margins who feel hopeless and beaten down by addictions they feel powerless to control.  I love and admire the courageous men who live in our home. It is the highest privilege of my life to serve them.

I am very happily married with a blended family of six children.


House Manager

Jocelynn is a mom to 5 beautiful children, ages 17, 15, 12, 10 and 8. Born and raised in Union, Maine, Jocelynn finds peace in the hills and farmland of her hometown. She came to know and love the ministry of MCRC through her own journey of addiction.  She hopes to be an inspiration to others battling addiction, and help expand the local recovery community.