Executive Director

I am honored that I am the organization’s first Executive Director.  Before moving to Maine, I spent 30 years as the Executive Director of a domestic violence organization in Rhode Island. I helped to create a vision for the organization while providing strategic leadership.  That experience prepared me to serve those in recovery.  I am fortunate to have joined a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to end this epidemic. We continue as a team to work to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure to ensure we are successful in our mission to support individuals recovering from addiction.


House Supervisor

Before working at The Friend’s House Iain had many different adventures. He has worked in many different fields including four years in the Army and lived in several different regions of the country as well as two years spent in Europe. His battle with addiction has been lifelong; however it greatly intensified with the passing of his father in 2015. Recovery has been the biggest adventure yet. Iain says that his work at The Friends House has been the most rewarding of his life. He says the most important part of working with people seeking recovery is to “just love them”.


House Supervisor

Whatever breakdown led to my surrender in March 2017 was the greatest gift of my life. The moment I sought help with my addiction, listened to the people who had walked the recovery path before me, and began to uncover the ties that had bound me to addiction changed my life. Knowing that life can be anything I dream of, experiencing the joys of helping others find their recovery paths…. my life is sweeter than I ever could have imagined.


Assistant House Manager

Born and raised in Mid-Coast Maine, Matthew has always had a strong desire to work and help people in recovery.  After his own personal struggles with addiction and a four year prison sentence, Matthew attended SMCC in South Portland majoring in Behavioral Health and Human Services.  He now spends his time working with and helping people in their own journeys of recovery.  Matthew lives in Rockland with his wife Jen and 8 year old son Jax.  In his free time he can be found hiking the coasts various trails and playing sports with his son.


Assistant House Manager

Kasie is a formerly incarcerated person in long-term recovery. She has overcome addiction, sexual exploitation, and many other barriers to get to where she is at. She is a Survivor Leader for the State of Maine, member of the Rape Response SART, board member of CROWNS. She also works for NAMI as a Peer Support Specialist providing services to the women incarcerated at the Maine Correction Center in Wyndham. She is certified as an International Peer Support Specialist, Mental Health First Aid instructor, and certified in Personal Medicine. She lives at home with her fiancé Iain Kirkham and their five daughters.