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Robyn Stanicki joined the board of MCRC in 2020. She is a community and economic development coordinator serving towns in central and Midcoast Maine as part of an effort to foster sustainability and resiliency in planning and government. Robyn has a background in social work, policy, and research methodologies and recently completed a NIDA-funded project with Dartmouth College where she coordinated a research study improving healthcare screenings and access to treatment for patients with substance use disorders.

Robyn is passionate about social justice and equality and is involved with legislative advocacy for foster care, anti-poverty programs, and our vulnerable neighbors.  As a public servant, she recently campaigned for the Maine legislature and looks for ways to do the most good. “I enjoy working with dedicated partners toward such worthy goals. Our community needs to turn more of our attention toward social problems such as addiction and recovery, recognizing and reclaiming the potential of our friends, neighbors and our community.”

Robyn lives with her wife Sam and their two sons in Belfast, Maine.


Board Member / Bookkeeper

Lura grew up in San Diego, moving to Midcoast Maine in 1969.  She was in banking for 15+ years, worked at several local businesses and most recently worked in the administrative side of homecare, where she  was very involved with the Hospice team. Having family members affected by addiction, she is driven  to help all she can to combat this disease. In her opinion, “every person deserves a second, third, or sometimes more chances to rid the demons of addiction!”  A firm believer that relapse is sometimes a part of recovery, she believes that everyone deserves understanding to beat this disease.  Lura enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She organizes events for MCRC and helps with social media outreach. She also volunteers as the coalition’s bookkeeper.



I feel honored and proud to be part of a team with many backgrounds to advance MCRC’s healing and recovery efforts.  After careers in finance and consulting in New York City, I hope to leverage my business experience and MBA education to lift up those suffering the weight of addiction.  I believe compassion is the best response to human frailty and always side with the underdog.  My wife and I are thankful we are able to finally enjoy the Maine seacoast life at our home in Owls Head.  Thank you for your kind support.


Board Member

Kim joined the MCRC Board in 2021 and brings with her a background in banking, dentistry, child care, and holistic health and wellness.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and has a strong desire to help others. You will often find her supporting local fundraising efforts.  Her commitment to help the MCRC comes from this passion and she hopes that by joining the board, her support will help to ensure our neighbors continue to receive the help and services they need.

Kim was born and has lived here in Knox County her entire life.  She raised three children and owns an older home in Rockland that she and her husband have been “fixing up” for the past decade


Board Member
Jean Denny

After serving as the Executive Director of 63 Washington in its previous iteration as an elder care facility, Jeanne has gone on to spearhead the community effort to create a homeless shelter in Rockland. Additionally, she serves as the social worker for her local parish.


Board Member

I grew up in Winthrop, Maine and graduated from Winthrop High School.  I worked for 34 years at the Maine Department of Transportation holding several positions there. I helped form the Coastal Recovery Community Center in 2016 and currently serve as Co-Manager of the center.  I volunteer for  Restorative Justice of Maine as a Mentor and member of RJP’s Open Table project. I am working on becoming a Certified Recovery Coach through the Maine Recovery Hub.

I reside in Port Clyde, Maine and I have been married for 30 years and I have 3 beautiful daughters and 5 wonderful grandchildren.


Board Member

“There are so many things I could say to tell you about myself.  I’m a mom of boys, a fiancé, daughter, lover of all things health and fitness, and I enjoy being social.  However, I feel like I would be hiding a part of myself if I left out –  addict in recovery.

Recovery is nothing less than hard.  I learned that through my own journey that started in 2012.  It’s also what has driven me to want to help our community, and I am so grateful to be in a position to do so!

I can’t explain how thankful and excited I am to be a part of MCRC, and hope to help make other people’s journeys a little less hard.”




Dr. Mandel completed his training as a family practitioner in 1982, and completed his Masters of Public Health Training in 2001. He has more than 34 years of medical practice and medical leadership experience – ten of which were spent in midcoast Maine, including Knox, Waldo, Lincoln county, and the many islands contiguous with those counties.