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Women’s Recovery Residence: Only until Jan. 2 to raise fund to acquire 63 Washington Street in Camden

63 Washington in Camden has a three century tradition of meeting the needs of women in mid-coast Maine.

Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition just learned that it has ONLY until January 2nd, 2019 days to raise $160,000 to continue this tradition by opening a nurturing and healing Women’s Recovery Residence to enable women in recovery on their journey to healing and self sufficiency. After January 2nd, If we don’t raise these funds, the house will be sold so an individual who will convert 63 Washington to a private residence and THE LEGACY OF PUBLIC SERVICE FOR THE HOUSE WILL END FOREVER.

Substance use disorder affects nearly 10% of all young women in Knox County. Not only do these women struggle with this very challenging disorder, their families (including newborn children) find their lives in turmoil and instability.

Research has shown that giving these families a safe and supportive environment gives them the chance to get their lives on track. In particular, families are three times more likely to succeed in their recovery when the family stays intact in a positive environment such as a recovery residence.

Please support the dream that 63 Washington can become the healing place that so many families in recovery need. DONATE HERE

For questions, please call Ira Mandel at 207-701-1182 or send an email to ira@midcoastrecovery.org.

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