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MCRC Welcomes new Friends House Manager

MCRC is happy to announce the hire of our new house manager for the Friend’s House in Rockland.


Gregory Allen began his new position on March 12 and is excited to have the opportunity to help those in recovery.

“I’m a lover of family, music, sports and travel.  I moved to Maine from Connecticut in 2004.  Since then, I have had many experiences with men and woman in the recovery field.  Both dealing with addiction myself and working in the recovery field.  It has afforded me a firsthand working knowledge that empathy is so important to meet people where they are in life.  I think working at the homeless shelter in Bangor along with the youth group helped change my thinking and made this journey in life realm for me.  I’ve seen teenagers transform their lives from depression and addiction to graduate high school.  Some have gone on to college, while others have become active in their communities.  Men and women get housing and their families back along with careers.  This makes the struggle so worthwhile.  Seeing potential in the lives that they can’t see in themselves or even we ourselves can’t see, can make all the difference in the world.  Addiction is a mind, body and spirit transformation.  Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this team.”

Gregory can be reached at or at 207-701-1182

Staying on our team is Iain Kirkham as Director of Operations and Sarah Gaudette as Alyssa’s House Manager.

Also, MCRC elected new Board Officers for the coming year at their January 8 annual meeting.

Lura Robinson, President; Kim Crockett, Vice President;  Rachel Cullerton, Secretary;  Peter Mullin, treasurer.  Other board members include Jeanne Denny, Ashley O’Brian and Robyn Stynecki.

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