Kittens and The Friends House – How are they related??


For weeks I have been trying to write an article about The Friends House.  Something to shed light on men in recovery. Maybe because I interact less with them, or maybe because folks in early recovery often struggle with the idea of sharing their story, but I was having a hard time coming up with content. So I was surprised when yesterday I found the one subject all our residents were willing to talk about, Miley Cyrus!!

Ok, to be clear, Miley is a stray cat that seemed content to hang out by the front porch and get fed for a few weeks. Details are unclear, but someone opened the door to her one morning and she wasted no time settling in to the Brewster Street home. The responsible thing seemed to take Miley to get a check up, so Iain loaded her up and stopped by the animal shelter.

No good deed goes unpunished, as the saying goes.  So when they found out Miley was pregnant, no one was surprised and what seemed like a temporary fostering situation turned into something more long term! Now Miley will stay while she has the kittens, and the whole crew will need to stay 5 weeks until they are adoptable. Miley has to return to the shelter after that briefly to prepare her for adoption. I have been assured by more that one friend at the house that she will be officially adopted by the Brewster street guys once she is ready. “Everyone here wants to keep her,” someone confided.

When I asked for pictures, nearly everyone had pictures to share. If any of this seems unusual, I can only point out that having something cute, a service animal, really, gives the residents something to share that doesn’t involve recovery. It’s a welcome respite from the subject that sometimes gets heavy or uncomfortable. And if your child, or mom or spouse is wondering how your day is, sometimes a cat pic just says it all.




                                 ~~ Written by Theresa, Woman’s House Supervisor