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Giving Back!! Please Help Us Give Back to the “Bike Lady”

Midcoast Recovery is blessed to have support from our community, and when given the chance to spearhead a collection for a generous person in our community, we jumped at the chance!

Picture courtesy of Rockland Police Department – click to read press release.

After hearing of the theft of a little boy’s bike, a woman who wants to be anonymous, knew what she needed to do.  She got in her car, drove to Walmart and purchased a new Spiderman bike and helmet.  She then drove 2 hours to deliver to the Rockland Police Department for them to give to this little boy.  Upon talking with the officers, it was discovered that she is living in her car.  Due to losing a job, she had to make the difficult choice of giving up either her apartment or the car.  Because her daughter in law had cosigned for the car, she again thought of someone else besides herself and gave up her apartment, keeping credit in tact for the car loan.  This woman is a generous soul!

MCRC’s goal is to raise enough money to pay off this car so that she can again afford an apartment to live in.  Every little bit helps!

UPDATE!  As of April 6, you have donated $1170 for this wonderful lady!  Keep it coming!!

UPDATE!! As of April 8th, you have donated over $5000!!

Thank you from all of us at MCRC!

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