Birds of a Feather

I spent quite a bit of the day in the kitchen, after self-care and a walk.  There is a pot roast in the crockpot, as well as fresh baked blueberry muffins and cake on the countertop.  I have not had many interruptions today in the house so that’s been nice, and I am grateful.

   I decided to go outside and I found myself a few times whistling to the birds, like a morning dove.  I can see them in the trees flying closer to the branches and fluttering around to “check me out”.  The blue jays were quite interested as to what this big thing in the red jacket was! Is that a big bird? They stuck together in one tree, getting a little closer and switching positions with each other.  I started thinking how relatable that is, these blue jays sticking together to investigate me. Finding out whether I was a big bird or a threat.

  I realized metaphorically that “us sober people” are like the blue jays.  In sticking together, we have a sense of safety and security within our fellowship.  As well as when one of us fellows sees something or learns and endures through something, we can help the others in the fellowship who may also have to go through these same things.

We lean on each other for warmth, likeness, comfort and direction just like the blue jays today in the cold December air. I watched as the blue joys all flew off, one at a time, kind of like when a sober person leaves the fellowship.  I had gone back out to find that once again a few hours later the birds were flocked together at that tree.  Like we flock to the AA fellowship, to be around others just like us.

We are a part f this life, just like the birds in nature. Everyday with the fellowship and the gift of sobriety is a new day to be grateful for.  You know the saying, birds of the same feathers FLOCK TOGETHER



Written by a former resident “MP” successfully in recovery!

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