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Alyssa’s House

Saturday, September 9th, Midcoast Recovery held a very important dedication ceremony. It was a sunny day, with members of our community coming together to support those in recovery at the woman’s house in Camden.

 63 Washington St was renamed “Alyssa’s House”.

In 2019, a dream of Dr, Ira Mandel was realized, and MCRC purchased 63 Washington for women in recovery to live in a safe and encouraging environment.  Through the years, we have continued this dream, being there for many women and children.  One of those residents was Alyssa Carey.  She touched many while a resident and was an important resource for those who needed guidance as she was living the journey herself.  However, as those who have been touched by someone with addiction know,  evil can take over at any time.  After being sober for over a year, a relapse ended up in an overdose and Alyssa lost her battle.

Why would MCRC name a house after someone that overdosed?  Because this is part of the story of addiction – a sickness that takes over the brain and has to be fought every minute of every day.  Alyssa is a perfect example of how quickly things can change for those in recovery and why we wanted to connect to the women fighting this battle.  Alyssa’s House puts a personal aspect to the house, that is there to encourage and help all women in recovery, no matter the sometimes “slip-ups”.   We are there through all the good and bad.

Midcoast Recovery would like to thank all those that came to support our mission.  A big thank you to Plants Unlimited for their donation of a beautiful maple tree planted to remind those in recovery, growing is a possible thing.  Also, thank you to Camden Subway and The First for your continued support of our organization.

If you would like to help us support our mission, please consider a tax deductible donation.  Either click the donate button, or mail a check to PO Box 1002, Camden, ME 04843.

“I can’t wait to sit and laugh together, take a walk down by the sea.

Sharing memories, remember all the good times, just you and me'” ~Alyssa Carey 

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