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Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition

Supporting Recovery from Addiction in Mid-Coast Maine

If you’re here, you know that addiction is a pandemic in Midcoast Maine. It tears apart families, ruins lives, and cripples our beautiful, vibrant community. Many addicts struggle to break free of the world of drugs and alcohol that they live in. When all your friends use and everywhere you go drives you back to your addiction, it can be impossible to break free, or even to just catch a breath.

Midcoast Recovery Coalition exists to help people who are ready to change their lives get that first breath. Our sober houses are safe, loving spaces where trained and loving on-site staff are ready to help addicts find their way towards better lives. We share joyful meals, support each other around finding healthy jobs, play hilarious games, cry hard as we grieve our pasts, and work together to build the lives we want.

In addition to our community residential houses, our Recovery Coaches are on-call 24 hours a day to assist people in all stages of recovery. We also offer programming around addiction awareness, educational services for youth, and many other types of support for health and wellness in the Midcoast.

Together, we can help those of us struggling with addiction to become the clean, whole, vibrant, powerful people we are all meant to be.

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Burgers and New Friends

The Friend’s House has been welcoming some new faces recently, and the new crew of guys are all excited about gaining some deeper culinary prowess. So this morning, a few of us headed to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for homemade burgers. We learned how to safely dice onions and then practiced the […]

Our mailing address has changed!

The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition has a new mailing address. Please use: Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition 63 Washington Street Camden, ME 04843 We are no longer leasing office space (or receiving mail) at 411 Main Street in Rockland – since we are spending most of our time at The Friends House and 63 Washington Street!

Building a Healthy Community and the “Stairway To Recovery” Inspired by Ryan Gamage’s Life

Ryan Gamage touched many lives.  As his family wrote in his obituary, “For those who knew him and accepted him as he was, there is a void in the lives of those people that simply will never be replaced. Addiction took many things from Ryan over the years, but never his love of family. Ryan [...]