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Welcome to Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition

Men's residence, Rockland

Women's residence, Camden

Welcome to
Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition

Addiction to drugs or alcohol has become an all too common in mid-coast Maine, taking its toll on individuals and families throughout our communities.

The good news is that it does not need to ruin lives and destroy families:  The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition (MCRC) is a nonprofit organization that was created to support individuals and families to find help and healing for this challenging problem.

The beginning of this new year, it is a good time to reflect on the past year and to look forward to what is ahead in 2024. Last year was  a challenging year with drug addiction and overdoses at an all time high. As the drug overdose death rate continues to increase in Maine, families are being affected, especially children. This is a clear indicator of the urgent need to reach out to those who are struggling with addiction and to provide services and resources.

We have seen firsthand how destructive addiction can be to those who are trying to stay sober in a time with limited resources and support. Our two recovery homes attempt to make a difference in the lives of the men, women, and children that we serve. They are designed provide a safe, sober and secure environment that is essential to recovery. “The house (home) gave me my daughter back” said a parent of a resident that is raising her child.

Your donation will help to ensure that our two recovery residences are available to those individuals who need help in a time of crisis.

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What your financial support means to us


$100 will provide a weekly meal for residents to support one another in a relaxed and fun environment


$500 will help to pay the monthly a heating bill at both houses


$1,200 will provide housing to two residents for a month


$5,000 will provide ongoing necessary repairs of both buildings throughout the year


Please check out other resources to help you along with your journey!

Coastal Recovery Community Center - Rockland, Maine


The Coastal Recovery Community Center (CRCC) seeks to provide a safe, welcoming environment where people who are in recovery from substance use disorder can find information, resources, support, fellowship and hope at any point in their journey to wellness.  Trained recovery coaches help those seeking support, in a place where everyone is respected, appreciated and listened to. Recovery coaches assist recoverees in finding and accessing existing community services, and provide support to their families and anyone affected by substance use disorders.


CRCC’s goal is to bridge the gap between treatment and full recovery by:

  • Creating a set of peer led addiction recovery supports for those seeking help as well as their friends and families

  • Serving as a referral and navigating resource for public safety personnel or other first-contact agencies

  • Serving as a referral and navigating resource for those transitioning back into the community from treatment, probation and correctional institutions

CRCC will help recoverees create a plan of change that promotes personal empowerment and a sense of hope in a supportive peer community. We will provide concrete assistance in finding reliable resources that help break the bonds of addiction.



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